10Secure's vision and values

10secure is one of the leading companies in the field of assimilating information security systems that emphasizes the adaptation of technology so it meets the rapid developments in the cyber world and the growing threats to organizations around the globe in general and in Israel in particular.
The Company’s leading values are technological innovation, professionalism and providing excellent service.
  • Striving for excellence - we perform our work with professional skill, adapting ourselves to the customer’s needs and satisfaction while meeting the company’s deadlines, budget and goals.
  • Integrity - we believe in decency, trustworthiness and honesty in all matters, and that our word should always be kept.
  • Confidentiality - We maintain strict confidentiality of both the customer’s information and the company’s in order to prevent it becoming available to any entity unauthorized to be exposed to it.
  • Collaboration - We are ready to carry out assignments as a team, to share information and knowledge with other employees while upholding the confidentiality requirements.
  • Innovation - Our company constantly reviews information security solutions from the world's leading manufacturers, in order to expand the range of possible solutions we offer our customers.

Among our customers :
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